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Crowns of Hope education & awareness teachings are for ages 12 years and older. For our pre-teens and teens we focus on what trafficking looks like and when is it okay to violate you friends trust. We view stories from two different teens and learn how they were manipulated into being trafficked and how one teen was saved from being trafficked because her friend violated her trust. We discuss the pimp culture and talk about the perspective they may view it from and through education change their perspective to view it as something that is not glamorous. Our adults view the same videos as the teens but we discuss the statistics of trafficking and how prevalent it is in your neighborhood. We teach you tips and arm you with tools on how to protect your children and where to report suspicious activity. Our teaching team will tell you real life stories from their life and how they were affected by trafficking. We are a survivor led board with three survivors of trafficking all coming from a different culture when trafficked. Our education and awareness teachings are real and authentic. You will receive first hand knowledge and experience about trafficking. Contact us for questions or to schedule your meeting.